“An Ocean Voyage”

31 Aug

Sara, Ariel, and myself went on a booze cruise – er, “booze crooze” – last night.

There were some initial doubts when we first spotted our constituency at the marina but, once we hit the high seas of the East River, it turned out to be a very special experience.

Sure, the “crooze” was trashy to the core – hot buffet line, top 40 music, and cheap wine – but the views were spectacular. Throughout the course of our “three-hour tour” we up-skirted three bridges and got a spectacular view of Lady Liberty.

At one point,¬† I was so overwhelmed by the magnificence of our Lady that I spotaneously requested that everyone on deck toast her and “show some freakin’ respect.” What did I get? Laughs.

I also got a view of the new World Trade Center building, an eerie reminder that the tenth anniversary of September 11 is indeed upon us.

imageAriel and Sara walking to our boat.

imageAriel and the East River.

imageThe City looked fake and I looked like a Russian immigrant.

imageSo we all took our turns posing in front of it.

imageThe Brooklyn Bridge.

imageShow some freakin’ respect!

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