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Goldie Locks

1 May

I found this sleepy stinkpot resting in Bella’s bed.

dogs sleeping in children's bed

Austin Style

29 Apr

Carter and I have taken to walking and wandering in the evenings – at least two miles – always with some vague objective in mind. Tonight, we were on our way to Wheatsville to do a little grocery shopping for the week. It was about a mile-and-a-half, zig-zagging through several neighborhoods.

Pretty amazing what you can find just wandering around. We stumbled upon this beauty somewhere around 34th Street. Notice how even the truck parked in the driveway is just so styled. I love everything about this street scene – from the mailbox to the chair on the porch to the color of the front door. You can’t really see it, but there’s a shed in the backyard covered in vintage license plates. Love it!

Just down the street, we found a creepy Aerostar taco truck. Now I wanna know where to get those tacos.



Eleanor Friedberger @ Frank

28 Apr



Car2Go, My Trusted Steed…

26 Apr

If you’re like me a few months ago, you’ve never heard of Car2Go. Because I’m fresh from New York City – er, new to Austin (again) – I don’t have a car and, because of this, Car2Go is a God-send.

Basically, I use an app to find the nearest car, then I find it, drive it where ever I need to go, and leave it where ever I want. It’s only 35 cents per minute with gas and insurance totally covered.

I still want a car, though…



Strawberry Fields Forever

22 Apr

This weekend Carter, Bella, and I took a trip out to Marble Falls.

It had been years since I’d been out to those parts and, I’ve got to admit, I was a little disappointed. For starters, there were no “Falls” to speak of – the Pedernales River was as a dry as a bone; the ghosts of boat docks wobbled in high grass. There was, however, a ton of marble and granite. Everywhere I looked – marble, this, granite, that – enough already with the marble, we get it!

Barren rivers and masonry aside, the real reason we ventured to Marble Falls is because of Sweetberry Farm, otherwise known as the best spot for strawberry-picking in Central Texas. Strawberry’s ain’t your thang? Sweetberry also has onions, potatoes, bouncey dome, a tracto-pull, blackberries (when in season), goats, and donkeys.

The latter, of which, made me a little sad.

Oh, Texas...

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Field Trip!

20 Apr

Ever accompanied 200+ children on a field trip? It was a little intense.

On Friday, I joined Bella’s kindergarten class to Crowe’s Nest Farm Animal Life Center. The grounds, which houses rescued animals, is not only a sanctuary but also a working dairy and produce farm. Pretty fun, pretty loud.


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Mind Over Music

18 Apr

Next Monday, Carter and I will be competing in the annual music trivia charity competition, Mind Over Music.

Hosted by the Austin Chronicle, Mind Over Music pits 31 teams against each other in a head-to-head competition benefitting Grounded In Music.

Come out to the Palm Door and support us!


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